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Young or old you have to love the little green guy. Yoda has served to be an inspiration to millions worldwide.


Yup, I am a real guy, just like you. I have dreams and desire the best for me and my family, and that adorable kid with me there is the love of my life, my precious granddaughter Margaret.


Hello, my name is Dr. Carl Welliver, your host here at Millionaire-Marketing-Yoda.com -Making Money Online. I have spent the majority of my life working in self-employment, and through the years I have amassed various skills that have allowed me to build many successful businesses.

Because the question has been asked I feel it necessary in an effort to be completely transparent neither myself, Dr. Carl Welliver nor “millionaire-marketing-yoda.com” are in any way affiliated with Millionaire Marketing Machine.

But finally, after all these years living in the brick and mortar world, I have decided to enter the world of online marketing. This site is devoted to helping you the reader to wade through the numerous opportunities that exist and get to the nuts and bolts of Making Money Online. Having joined Wealthy Affiliate I have gained a whole new perspective on the world of Internet Marketing, and you can too. Simply check it out and you can even join the community for free. The resources there are incredible. Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion by far the best resource on the web when it comes to getting started and continuing on along your path to Internet Marketing success.

Take some time and look around the site is a work in progress so you never know what you are going to find.

Throughout the site, we will be placing all sorts reviews of different programs and platforms that will help you along your road to making money online. We will review products and services that you can market online and a variety of different ways to make money online. Some of the products or services that we will review we have established an affiliate relationship with, others may be sponsored reviews (although it is not my desire to do these types of reviews as they are limited as to what you can actually say about a particular product or service, and others will just be informational. You can assume any links to other programs that we review indicate an affiliate relationship, and any purchases from those sites will generate a commission for us here at Millionaire-Marketing-Yoda.com. Sponsored reviews will always be clearly disclosed at the beginning of the review.


Enjoy your stay here at Making Money Online – Millionaire-Marketing-Yoda.com, and be sure to leave any comments on our comments page, and come back and see us soon. But just to get you started:

Affiliate Marketing is Big Business for those who understand just how to do it. Many affiliates can make a full-time income from minimal efforts once they have a solid foundation in place.

A great resource to learn about online business and affiliate marketing is at Wealthy Affiliate where you can sign up for a free account and begin your online marketing education. We all know that education is power, but applied education is money in the bank.

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