Branding Yourself as an Affiliate Marketer

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So it is an exciting time for you, you have decided to start your affiliate marketing business, one mistake that beginners often make however is that they underestimate the importance of sending targeted website traffic to their merchants’ sites, after all you are in this to make some money right? And how do you do that, by promoting products or services that people are searching for online and then leading them to make a purchase through your marketing efforts by writing GREAT content?

Given that generating targeted website traffic is really your main job as an affiliate marketer and the only way that you will ever make any money as an online entrepreneur on a consistent basis is to refer your readers to desired products or services. The merchant(s) that you have chosen to promote have already done all the heavy lifting for you by providing the product or service. They have created the products, most likely set up a back office of marketing support tools (links, banners, etc), and even offered you attractive commissions to promote their product or service online to your audience.

So you have made the commitment to begin, you have chosen a niche in which to work, you have even lined up a couple of products or services that you want to promote, and now it is time to get to work promoting your new blog/site.

Now you need to find your audience, the people who will read all the great content that you will be creating and having enough of them convert or purchase as a result of your actions into paying customers.

So, how exactly do you get people to notice you? What will motivate them to click on your affiliate links and buy? Or even, will you be able to generate enough traffic to make it all worthwhile for you? Regardless of your background, there is a formula that will generate site traffic that does work, and we will be laying out the first part below. And will address more in subsequent posts here at so why not follow along with us and enjoy the journey? Now if you are brand spanking new to affiliate marketing Yoda wants you to understand exactly what you have signed up for. So let’s clarify exactly what affiliate marketing is, it is an easy way to make money online by promoting other people’s products or services and being paid a commission for doing so.

So let’s dig into Branding Yourself as an Affiliate Marketer.


First- Define and Research Your Audience

In order to be truly successful as an affiliate marketer, you must first identify your target audience. The people that will search out and read what you have written. Otherwise, you would be wasting time, money, and energy driving the wrong types of people or better described as traffic to the wrong types of products, and your affiliate sales would suffer accordingly.

Therefore, once you have figured out what products that you desire to promote, those that would give your subscribers and site visitors the most value, or even better eliminate their greatest pain and problems. You see people, in essence, make all decisions in their life based on one of two motivating factors. They either desire to avoid or eliminate pain from their lives or they desire to enhance pleasure. So how can you help them to accomplish either of those and you will be well on your way to success.

As we begin to define our audience you need to ask yourself the following questions:

 Who are your ideal customers (those who would benefit from your knowledge or expertise on a particular subject)?
  • What are their physical and emotional characteristics or needs (what pleasure are they trying to enhance or what pain are they hoping to eliminate or avoid)?
  • How do they communicate, are they more analytical (intellectual) or more informal (casual) in nature? You always want to talk to your audience in their language. Write your content on your site or your blog simply as you were talking to a friend.
  • What does your audience like talking about (this is what they desire most), and who do they admire most as an advisor (you will as you build your knowledge become a trusted advisor to your reader and they will buy your products or services based on the advice that you have given them. This is an important role that you play as an affiliate marketer, so never sell out your principles for a buck. Be true and honest in all of your recommendations.
  • What are the product brands or services and personalities that they identify closely with?

The better that you can answer these questions then the better you will truly understand who your market is and what they want and expect from you, armed with that better understanding the more likely you are to be able to match them up with products and services that they’ll be interested in purchasing. And that is your prime objective as an affiliate marketer.

Picking the Perfect Niche doesn’t need to be hard, we can help.

Of course, if you have not yet determined what your niche will be why not check out my post about picking the PERFECT niche for your new online marketing business it is an awesome resource to help you in that decision-making process. We list out 100 of the hottest niches on the Internet and will guide you along the way to narrowing down that list to the point where you can pick the ideal niche for you.




Second- Give Your Readers True and Honest Opinions, Build a Loyal Following

All niches, of course, will have some competition, your job is to offer your readers content that is based on honest opinions and your evaluations of the products or services that you are promoting. Writing your content in an informative an entertaining way will compel your readers to actually read what it is that you have to say.  Just what is it that separates you from the hundreds or even thousands of other online marketers that are promoting the same products or competing ones of similar value? It has always been my personal belief that if you write your content as if you were talking to your best friend then it will allow your readers to get to know the real you, and in knowing you they will begin to trust you as a friend, and people truly do desire to do business with people they know and trust. When Perhaps your style of delivery will appeal to some while your down to earth approach might appeal to others. Many an affiliate builds an enviable reputation and personal brand by being conversational and empathetic with their readers in a way that earns them the trust and likeability of their audience.

Then, of course, there is the knowledge and information approach that expert status we have discussed in previous posts. When people look toward you for your expert advice on a particular subject especially useful in the Health and Fitness niches as well as such things as nutrition which the average person has limited knowledge about is often a great way to enlighten your readers and build up your following. But a combination of all of the elements is often an effective strategy that will attract your readers in the first place.

Most beginners start out as affiliates for smaller products or niches, where it is a little bit harder to compete and stand out from the crowd. I sometimes get 10-15 offers a day for exactly the same product from different affiliates that are attempting to be the first one to reel in the proverbial fish on the latest and greatest product being regurgitated back into the market, yet they all use a somewhat different approach in the marketing of it. They might offer free bonuses,  (e.g. e-books, DVDs, or special training, etc) these techniques can be used very effectively to brand yourself and harvest those coveted email addresses from your readers after all everyone likes getting stuff for free. You may even decide to venture off and begin creating your own new products, and we will cover that in more detail in another post later on, it really is not as hard as you might think.

Third- Delivering Awesome Content Producing Desired Results for Your Readers!

The key to success honestly in online affiliate marketing is delivering to your readers awesome content, it is the foundation of successful affiliate marketing businesses and it is two-pronged in the respect that it highlights your personality and knowledge of your particular chosen niche as well as insulates you from accusations of the hard sell. This is the key to successfully branding yourself as an affiliate marketer.

But, for it to work, you have to avoid regurgitating the standard platitudes that are stated all over the place throughout the Internet on a continuous basis. Now, with that point in mind, let’s take a look at some important tips on your content and your presentation:

  • If possible personally evaluate any product or service that you intend to promote to your readers. Especially in the information marketing arena (see note below about my experience at Wealthy Affiliate and choosing membership level the FREE Starter Membership or the Premium Option*)
  • Be honest in your comments and reviews of the products or services that you choose to promote! Reputation is critical to long term affiliate success, so avoid the excessive hype and stay away from the exaggeration. Only promoting products and services that will truly help your audience to avoid pain or enhance pleasure in their lives, remember decisions are made solely based on one’s desire to avoid pain or to enhance pleasure in their lives.
  • You are the expert in your niche so be sure that your content adds value for your audience, never waste their time, if you do they won’t stay around long enough for you to get to the point.
  • Don’t be afraid to inform your readers of features and benefits of the product or service and any personal reasons that you would recommend a product. Not simply words, but good copywriting (check out my upcoming post on that – coming soon) is especially important as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some extra money on the internet, many people do much better than that and actually, make a full-time living. Some people when they first get involved in the online money making lifestyle focus exclusively on affiliate marketing, while others use affiliate marketing as just one of the tools in their money making toolbox.

I hope you have found this post useful in helping you to make some decsions about your future as an online marketer. If so why not take a moment or two and leave a comment below, and share your ideas with the world.


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