Building Your Audience as an Affiliate Marketer

Building your audience is crucial to your online marketing success.

This post is specifically devoted to building your target audience or your reader base. Adding readers to your blog. You have to work at building your audience, this is an essential element of your success as an affiliate marketer

There is a whole new breed of internet marketers out there, and I want to welcome you to the club. There are many people that simply enjoy writing and they are now able to convert that passion quickly monetizing it into dollars and it can be done quickly.

But the Internet has been a game-changer for businesses both large and small. One such business is the focus of our site here at and that is blogging for profit and even for fun.

You must, of course, create and build your blog first, then you need to focus on creating quality content, that content will attract more readers as your blog begins to climb in the search engine rankings. As your readership grows you need to have a way to harvest their contact information, in particular, their email addresses so that you can keep in touch with them.

Fortunately for the internet marketing newbie blogging does not require tons of technical knowledge or tech savvy. As a matter of fact if you can write good copy and present your suggestions in a way that will both amuse and entertain your readers then you can surely create a successful blog. And you can make money in the blogging arena.

One tool that I personally found extremely useful when first starting out was a teaching platform known as Wealthy Affiliate.As a matter of fact, I was so impressed that I became a premium member and now promote the platform.

The best thing that I found helpful about Wealthy Affiliate was that I was able to sign up for a FREE MEMBERSHIP not a trial membership like so many other sites offer to lure you in hoping that you will not cancel before they extract your first payment from your bank account. Free for life, now, of course, they do offer a premium membership with lots of additional benefits, but you are not required to upgrade EVER.

You can, of course, see my 2017 review of Wealthy Affiliate at

Now you might be curious as to how people actually make money from simply writing a blog. After all, a blog is just a web page full of your personal opinions right? Well right, but many successful bloggers do in fact make money by monetizing their blogs.

The two keys to blogging success are writing engaging useful content that your readers want to read, and the second, of course, is getting people to read what you have written. After all, if you write it and no one ever reads it then what good is it? This isn’t after all the “Field of Dreams” it isn’t simply a matter of “if you build it they will come” you have to draw them in with that awesome content I mentioned earlier. And then, of course, you need to know a little bit about keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and that is where educational platforms like Wealthy Affiliate come in.

So as I said in the beginning of this post we are going to focus on building your audience. So let’s take a look at a few of those ways now, without further ado.

Being that building your audience is not something that should be taken lightly and does require some effort on your part, so you should make a real effort to learn as much as you can about online marketing and effective advertising techniques, especially if this is your first ride at the rodeo. Many of you may already be somewhat familiar with such social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Linked, or Pinterest these are awesome tools to begin to promote your blog(s), yes many people actually write numerous blogs simultaneously. Then, of course, you can always venture out into the video marketing I am sure you have heard of YouTube, and of course, you can also use your very own email list to kick off your email marketing segment of your blog promotion. And as you are employing the above-mentioned methods do as much research as you can into SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and that will help your new blog and your new business grow.

You Can Make It Easy For Visitors to Buy Your Products or Services Through Your Affiliate Links

The key to successful affiliate marketing lies in your ability to lead your customer to the point where you have solved a problem that they have, or simply provided them the answer to a question that they had.

This is done by developing your niche and leading your customers to the point where they themselves have made the decision to buy the product or service that you are promoting as an affiliate, it is at that point where you will begin to experience success and begin to make money in affiliate marketing. The key to that is to always remember that you are not hard selling your product or services but instead leading the reader to buy from you as opposed to your competition.

Of course, your intention here is to have your readers buy the product or service that you are marketing. But there is a great big difference between a hard sell offer and a soft sell. The hard sell is the sales presentation that jams the product or service down the readers throat, on the other hand, the soft sell approach by a salesperson (or in this case of internet affiliate marketing -the blog) you the author – seek to lead your reader to the point that buying from you through one of your affiliate links simply makes sense to them or solves a problem that they have or gives them some sort of perceived pleasure.


Now to Answer the Question… Is it Possible to Make Money Online as an Affiliate Marketer?

 The world of affiliate marketing is tough when you have to chase after new customers and doing so one customer at a time. That is what makes blogging such a great tool to the affiliate marketer. as you build your reader base, that which is of course done one reader at a time.  But with your blog, you can plan out your marketing strategy and strategically place some truly awesome products in front of your audience who as they follow your blog begin to get to know you, and are more likely to trust you.

There are many sources for products and services that you can offer for your readers to consider. But the most important thing for you to always consider is the quality of the product or service which you are offering. It is, of course, best to blog about products or services that you yourself are personally familiar with, that you have used yourself so that you can deliver to your reader the facts, not just the hype.Your readers are intelligent people and deserve to be treated with respect, value their time and don’t waste it with fluff. When writing a review state your case and then move on to the next review project.

Be sure of the commission structure of the affiliate programs that you represent so that you know what actions that do and do not generate a commission for a potential sale.  And always disclose your relationships in your blog so that it is clearly understood that you will be receiving a commission if your reader clicks on a link that results is a purchase. This disclosure can be handled in a one-time disclosure as displayed on our Affiliate Disclosure here at

Using Contextual Advertising to Make Money Blogging 

Contextual ads are a great way to monetize your content by showing readers relevant ads that may interest them. These contextual advertisements will be displayed within your content on your posts and pages. If a reader were to click on any of those advertisements the blog author or owner would receive a small commission for allowing the ad to be placed on their page. These small commissions can, of course, add up over time and could become quite lucrative as a sideline passive income. And the advertising service does all the work to place the right ads on your page relevant to your content, once you have set up the necessary parameters, a number of ads you will allow on your page, the size and placement of the ads, and even your selection of keywords. All these factors will determine the amount of money that you can make in that area.

In This Game Content is King (Keep It Real)

You got into this blogging for a reason – right? Most likely to either supplement or replace your income, and many people effectively do that with their blog, and you can too, as long as you take the time to do it right. The main purpose of the blog, however, is to provide meaningful content and information to your readership. Content that is both informative and entertaining to engage your audience.

Many bloggers are able to earn a full-time income simply by employing the tips and tricks that we will reveal for you here at But all the tips and tricks in the world will not help you if you are not committed to your own success and that success depends on your ability to write meaningful content, and that meaningful content establishes your credibility and your integrity as a valuable resource for information for your readers.

As your blog progresses and evolves, taking on a life of its own it will pop up more and more in the search engines allowing exposure to more and more readers. As you begin promoting more and more products creatively and ethically placing embedded links within your text and or images people if they have an interest will click on the links, and if they do in fact buy then you will as an affiliate receive a commission. That is the name of the game right- You are here to make some money, and by sharing your knowledge and expertise you will do just that.

So Let’s Wrap This One Up

It truly is possible to make money as a blogger, no matter the level of expertise when you start. I remember my first affiliate sale, it was an $8.00 commission, but then what happened next floored me. That same sale then upgraded through an UPSELL and I earned another $172.00 on that sale, yet  I didn’t have to do anything else to earn that. Not too bad for an introduction to a product or service, and that sale was made through my affiliation with Wealthy Affiliate. You can make money too at Wealthy Affiliate so why not give it a try, I can honestly say that I have never regretted joining, and you can try it out for FREE.

Making Money Online the Wealthy Affiliate Way


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