Free Online Marketing Training

Since its creation, in 2005 Wealthy Affiliate University is an online program started by Kyle and Carson. As I have reviewed in my post here at at Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review Wealthy Affiliate and the Wealthy Affiliate University are not a scam, but a legitimate success oriented platform with tens of thousands of members and growing each and every day.

A leader in training internet marketers by means of their online business training. The platform consists of both seasoned internet entrepreneurs, as well as the newbies like myself, and it has been listed as the top affiliate training site for the past nine years.  Offering training that is detailed, complete, and yes, even easy to follow for those who are technologically impaired like me.

So what is it that you can expect to find inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Each member is encouraged to become involved in the community of like-minded folks who have built their own success applying the pay it forward attitude that has been the backbone of the success of the platform.
  • Each member advances through the training at their own pace. There are no 7-day trials here when you sign up for a FREE Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliates it is exactly that FREE. Of course, the PREMIUM Membership does have additional features, but you can start and run an online business at the Starter level.
  • Plenty of encouragement through the Live Chat feature where members from around the world are active 24/7/365 helping each other or simply exchanging ideas.
  • Coaching on choosing the right niche for your online marketing success. And Niches are limited only by your own imagination.
  • Access to a variety of WordPress templates where you can set up your very own website in less than 30 seconds using the exclusive SiteRubix design platform. Yup, I did it, and if I can do it then so can you, remember I am technologically impaired.

  • No complicated website coding to learn WordPress is a pretty easy What You See Is What You Get type tool.
  • Learn how to write motivational content that is attractive to the search engines.
  • Understanding how to pick and choose the best search terms for your new website to maximize your online presence.
  • Gain a valuable education as to how to start and continue making money on the internet. It isn’t rocket science but there is a formula for success.
  • Creating and building your very own website from concept to completion.
  • Learning some pretty neat tricks to acquire FREE TRAFFIC online through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), oh no not a technical word, don’t confuse me with such things, OK we make it easy for you to understand.
  • Free Access to the first course in the Affiliate Bootcamp Training, a great tool to learn how to become a successful affiliate no matter what niche you choose.

  • The Bootcamp Training will walk you through exactly how to become an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and generate a decent income from your efforts.
  • Leading you through building your very own free affiliate website organizing it for optimization and monetization all the time making it scalable and friendly.
  • Learn how to write themed content, that encourages your readers to follow your expert advice.
  • Setting up your comment engine so that your readers can leave feedback or ask questions.
  • How to get your affiliate page reviewed and critiqued.
  • How to leverage the wealth of information about Wealthy Affiliate within your site
  • and how to put it all together so that you can also be a wealthy, Wealthy Affiliate

Once you have completed both of those pieces of training that will put you on the road to success you can continue on as a FREE MEMBER or you can upgrade to the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP which most people do once they have been exposed to the high quality of the site content and the super support offered by both the Tech team and the community of members. For most, it just seems like a No Brainer decision to make, but if you decide to stay FREE there is no pressure to upgrade. EVER!

Now you may be thinking to yourself that you are not a salesperson, that you have no marketing experience either on or offline, but the tutorials throughout the training and posted by the members by means of their personal blogs, videos, and member written support training. Yes, the members write specific training modules designed to help you through your journey also, why? well, your success is their success.



So if you have been looking for just the right opportunity then why not check out Wealthy Affiliate today? But know that like anything in life you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn and apply the lessons from the courses, tutorials, and the advice of others who have already succeeded within the WA business model you too will be successful.


So let me close this out with a quote from the late great Zig Ziglar. “I’ll see you at the top.