Is Wealthy Affilaite A Scam YES or NO (Part Two)

Today We Are Going to Cover

  1. An Introduction to WA
  2. Wealthy Affiliate for Free (What It Actually Includes)
  3. The WA Community (and why they matter to your success)
  4. Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories
  5. An Honest Wealthy Affiliate University Review
  6. Working From Home with WA
  7. The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership
    Special Added Bonus:
  8. The Answer to the Question… Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

An Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

As we continue on in the review of Wealthy Affiliate it is my objective to cover the many aspects of Wealthy Affiliate, and provide a clear and concise answer to the question that brought you here in the first place, “is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?” Well as I briefly answered that question in Part One of this post, I will elaborate further here in Part Two listing out the exact reasons it is NOT a SCAM. Understand that the only reason I bring up the idea of a scam is that all programs when they are offered especially ones like this have people wondering if the opportunity truly is legitimate or is it a scam. You see us as a society and rightfully so we are pessimistic in nature, and believe me, I completely understand why, having fallen victim to a scam or two along the way myself. Empty promises, as a matter of fact, many companies play a good game of talking the talk but fail to walk the walk.  But, not here at Wealthy Affiliate.

So we are completely clear and understanding my relationship with the company, I am a paid premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. Now, my reasons for joining first at the free level (to test the waters so to speak) was we went from being a two income family to a one income family after my wife had suffered from some medical issues and was forced to leave work, I started looking at different ways to make some additional income online, after all it couldn’t be that hard right, there were plenty of people supplementing their income with online programs. Well I looked high and low looking for something that I could do in the time I had available to do so. That is when I began really looking at affiliate marketing as an opportunity to fill the void in our finances.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page , after all individual results vary person to person and are determined by the knowledge and ambition of the person being involved. After all only you can determine your level of commitment to such a venture.

To further educate the reader, in this post, I will provide a lot of information on the Wealthy Affiliate training program, including information about the free starter member option (immediately following this comment). It is, of course, my objective to give you the answers to the questions that I know are probably rushing through your mind like they were mine in the beginning, so I will try to be as thorough as possible, leaving no stone unturned.

If you take the time to read through this lengthy wealthy affitliate review and I haven’t answered any of the specific questions that still plague you then I encourage you to please ask them in the comments section at the bottom of this page and if I don’t now the answer myself I assure you I will get the answers for you. After all, I am still learning myself.

What is right for one group of people may not be just right for you. I have written this page to help you decide if the Wealthy Affiliate training opportunity is right for you. So that being said here are some things for you to consider:

Wealthy Affiliate for Free (What It Actually Includes)

The definition of a scam is taking money up front and providing no real value (this is further explained below in the section “is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?” But know that with WA, there is a solid value offered for free and with no need to enter your credit card, which is the complete opposite of a scam.

One of the best features, in my opinion, is that Wealthy Affiliate offers is its FREE affiliate blog platform called Site Rubix, where you have access to the tools necessary to create your very own blog website in less than 30 seconds, honestly, it works, I have done it. Now, of course, that may just sound like hyper-hype, but I have already created 4 sites personally on that platform, and if I can do it I am sure that you can too.


It is as simple as entering a website name, choosing a WordPress theme from the choices available, and click a button and the Site Rubix feature within Wealthy Affiliate does the rest of the hard work for you.

The Starter Membership that is absolutely free to join, and does not expire after a week or thirty days allows you to browse around and make some decisions as to whether or not this whole concept is for you without risking a shiny dime.

It gives you the hands-on experience with the platform, which if you have ever designed a website or blog before on your own, you will appreciate the ease and simplicity of this proprietary platform developed by the founders over many years. And in the FREE membership, you will get access to enough things that will allow you to decide for yourself if an update from the starter membership to the paid premium membership makes sense for you.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community (and why they matter to your success)

The Wealthy Affiliate worldwide community  that literally is a place that never sleeps, there is action going on within the platform 24/7, and that community is a major reason why I recommend WA above any other similar program out there. They are so kind and helpful and there are just so many of them! I have found the members to be both helpful and encouraging, and I have yet to have a question go unanswered. As a matter of fact, in most cases, you might get numerous responses from other members simply trying to help out other members. After all, each and every member at one point in time was exactly where you are today. Members also write helpful blog posts within the WA membership area that you can read and benefit from.

One point to be aware of is that there is no selling allowed within Wealthy Affiliate community as SPAM is frowned upon. This means after you join and become part of the community, the help you receive from other members is not biased to make a sale. The advice that you receive is based on what is actually working for people and what isn’t. This is in stark contrast to much of the help you will find on the Internet, you can find help or information on just about any subject, but that advice usually comes at a price. And if it is free it is usually just a lead in to have you buy something, Wealthy Affiliate is not like that, you can start and run your online business from the comfort of your own home (or any other place in the world where you might be, and all without ever upgrading beyond the Free Starter Membership feature of the platform.

But this part of the post is supposed to be about the community here at Wealthy Affiliate, so let’s get back on track here.

Jim Rohn the well-known author and motivational speaker once said: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Well, that is true, and iIf you don’t have people in your life that are knowledgeable about the online business that you desire to embark on, or people that are supportive of your dreams and efforts, then consider getting the Wealthy Affiliate Community on your side. Spend some time with the folks inside WA and you will raise your average to a much higher level. This is a quality community that is always willing to help one another. Now another famous motivational speaker and author by the name of Zig Ziglar was often heard to be saying that, “you can get everything you want out of life, if you are just willing to help enough other people get what they want.” Well, I think that Kyle and Carson must have studied under these two guys because that is all the Wealthy Affiliate community that they have developed is all about, members helping members, and paying it forward.

Another benefit of the Wealthy Affiliate community is that once you join you gain access to all the WA blog posts by other members. You can build your own network of members that you follow and those who follow you. Each member is encouraged to keep a blog within the platform to highlight what it is they are working on so that your followers and friends can give you the necessary feedback and encouragement along the way. Some members even create their own training modules based on their personal successes within Wealthy Affiliate that you can benefit from. And all of this is in addition to the many hours of expert video training and other core training modules within Wealthy Affiliate.

I once heard it said that the best way that you can possibly improve yourself is to stand beside the smartest person in the room, and if that person is you, then I got some news for you, you are most likely in the wrong room! Well in the Wealthy Affiliate Community there is a great opportunity to stand in a GREAT Room and absorb the knowledge of those that are a few steps ahead of where you are. Those who are today, where you desire to be tomorrow.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

The success stories within Wealthy Affiliate are plentiful, but no story would be best told without an acknowledgment to two absolutely insightful individuals, Kyle and Carson, the Wealthy Affiliate founders. Both of them were quite successful in their own right long before they started WA over a decade ago, both doing very well online using the very same principles they now teach others in Wealthy Affiliate. And now within Wealthy Affiliate, they have developed their own flagship product which is the Wealthy Affiliate program you see today.

Now some day you like Kyle and Carson, might have a dream of creating your own products, and that is, of course, something that you can try eventually. Imagine if you will creating a website that becomes so popular and gets website visitors every day.  When you do that you can easily monetize that traffic by promoting related affiliate products to your visitors for a commission. That once again is called affiliate marketing and is again free to do, because affiliate programs are free to join.

You can eventually begin developing your own products and promoting them on your different websites. Then at that point, you too can get others promoting your product as affiliates for a commission, just the same way you started out promoting other people’s products. You pay your affiliates a commission if and only if they make a sale, and that is how you leverage your online business by using the efforts of others to reach way beyond your cirle of influence.

The mechanics of this may sound difficult, but there are services out there that will manage your affiliates for you for a transaction fee. ClickBank and CommissionJunction just to name a couple of the bigger ones. You see, there is a huge world out there waiting for you to make your mark. That world is already setup to do business this way, and you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. The point is you can test out your niche and strategy for no cost as you start out at Wealthy Affiliate, and hopefully you too can make some affiliate commissions, before you take the time to create or source your own products.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page, but you will never know if you never try. Results of course vary from person to person.

If the concept of running your very own online business interests you, then main thing that you need to do is simply get started, it doesn’t matter however small, just get started and see where it leads you. I have often told my students that the longest journey does not begin with a single step, but with the decision to make the trip. You of course will make some mistakes along the way, we all do, and that is ow we get better and how we learn. But, you will never get anywhere unless you decide to take the journey, and then start moving. I have to tell you that it can be a fun and very rewarding journey along the way, especially if you are able to avoid some of the more common pitfalls, and you can avoid them by following those who have travelled the road before you, and Wealthy Affilaite is a great place to start.

An Honest Wealthy Affiliate University Review


What is the Wealthy Affiliate University? Many formats that provide instruction and knowledge even though they may not be acredited are often referred to as a university, as a matter of fact defines the university as “an institution of learning of the highest level”. In my keyword research for this post, I found a fair amount of interest in the term,  “wealthy affiliate university scam”. Now, of course, Wealthy Affiliate is not an accredited university and has never presented itself as such, it is easy to see why people might think of it that way because they do provide some of the highest levels of training in their niche.

Some of the training offered include but are not limited to:

Classrooms (each contains many training modules including video):

• Getting Started
• WA Affiliate Program
• Keyword, Niche and Market Research
• Everything WordPress
• Authoring & Writing Content
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Engagement & Marketing
• Website Development & Programming
• Local Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Email Marketing
• The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
• Pay Per Click Marketing

They Also Offer Certification Courses:

• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)
• Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)
• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3)
• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)
• The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)

The Tools That Are Offered Include:

• Websites & Hosting
• Keyword Research Tool & Keyword Lists
• A Rapid Writer Feature
• Link Tracking

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp:

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp just like the millitary Bootcamp is the proving ground where you will develop into the disciplined marketer you were meant to be. Remember the Marine’s slogan, “We’re Looking For A Few Good Men”  well here at Wealthy Affiliate we are focused on taking even the average and turning them from average to excellence, so here in the Bootcamp you will go through developing your first site if that is what you choose to do. In the Bootcamp, you will learn how to effectively promote the Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program (but that same knowledge can be applied to promote any niche you desire to work in as well). The Bootcamp contains a number of advanced affiliate marketing modules, each containing many distinct training modules within each subject area:

• Starting Your Foundation (PHASE 1)
• Content, Keywords and Conversions (PHASE 2)
• Giving Your Site Social Value (PHASE 3)
• Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media. (PHASE 4)
• Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals (PHASE 5)
• Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC (Phase 6)
• How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (PHASE 7)

I cannot emphasize this Disclaimer enough: There is no guarantee that you will earn passive income online, make money, or achieve any kind of specific result using the information or website described on this page because results can vary from person to person.

Working From Home with Wealthy Affiliate

One of the biggest advantages that I found was the flexibility and deciding how and where to work for me. I have the ability to just chill on my recliner and create great content for my sites, or I can do it at work on my lunch hour, it doesn’t matter. The Wealthy Affiliate training and the online business that you will launch during the training can all be done from home whenever you have some spare time. No BOSS to deal with (well except for yourself) and the only deadlines are those that you self-impose.

If you are looking for a JOB (which is nothing more than an acronym for Just Over Broke), or you currently have a job that you just out and out don’t like but need in order to pay the bills while you build your online business or maybe you are considering doing this part-time at the same time just to supplement your current income. This could be the answer for you.

You can also scale and grow your online business from home. If you begin to see some results, you can then begin to re-invest a portion of the profits to outsource some of the repetitive tasks to others using freelancers to do some of the work for you. Many people (of course not all) do this to leverage their time and accelerate the growth of their business. That choice is up to you.

If you do however get to the point where you find yourself outsourcing projects like the post writing then you would become more of a project manager, as you manage the moving pieces of your online business from home. This may or may not ever be the case, but it surely is a possibility if you are in a profitable enough niche that would allow you to cover the costs of the freelancers, and then allow you to move on to the development of the next niche or project.

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

There are basically two levels of membership at Wealthy Affiliate, the free starter membership and the paid  premium membership that you can choose from.  If you are anything like me and most of the other members that join you will most likely start off with the FREE MEMBERSHIP and try things out, just to make sure that it is a good fit for you. There are often discounts offered off the first month of Premium Membership upgrade for the first seven days or so to allow the new member time to get to know the program so joining for free is an absolute no-brainer in my opinion

As far as the answer to that question, well after you have evaluated the free “starter membership” you and only you can answer that for yourself. So is wealthy affiliate worth it? In my most humble opinion – Yes it truly is. Does Wealthy Affiliate really work?  Well, I have set up three sites within the platform and two of them are already ranked on Google and all within a couple of weeks of creation.  Something I surely could not have done on my own with my limited expertise.

After this review of Wealthy Affiliate, it is my hope that you are one step closer to being able to answer that question for yourself. The program is right for me and that is all that I can personally attest to. It has been my experience since becoming involved that the premium training is excellent. I believe that if you have a plan (and in Wealthy Affiliate, you do have a plan), and you follow that plan, then you will save yourself time and needless effort along the way to becoming the ruler of your Internet marketing empire sooner rather than later. Wealthy Affiliate will definitely help you to avoid some of the wrong turns compared to venturing out on your own. But, in the end, it is up to you to decide if you want to invest some time to see if Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve your goals. But it was Benjamin Franklin that once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So don’t reinvent the wheel, just follow the plan that has worked for so many others before you. The Wealthy Affiliate Plan!

Bonus: The Answer to the Question – Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

Well, it has been my intention throughout this post to introduce you to the opportunity known simply as Wealthy Affiliate, and now I will give you my opinion based on the facts. But in order to do that first let us look at the Duhaime’s Law Dictionary’s definition of the word SCAM.

Duhaime’s Law Dictionary


“Consumer Scam Definition:

A deceptive sale of goods or services to a consumer designed to extract money unreasonably excessive given the services rendered or goods provided, if any.”

In order for a sale to be deceptive, the seller would have to have willingly misrepresented their product or service with the intention of unreasonably extracting or taking money from the consumer without providing adequate products or services in exchange for the compensation received.

So for that to be true the seller would be charging the buyer for something that had little or no value. Example: I post on my website that I am going to send you a bright shiny penny, and I attempt to charge you $199.95 for that bright shiny penny, well that just wreaks of a scam, after all, why would anyone expect to pay $199.95 for a single penny.

But Wealthy Affiliate provides value far in excess of the prices being charged even at the premium level memberships. But they also allow the consumer to enter their program for FREE, No Credit Card Required, and in their free starter membership (which you are not required to upgrade) they offer a variety of products and services as listed above in the “Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Starter Membership” section of this post.

To further elaborate and answer the question even further, being that a scam is taking money up front and providing no real value. But within WA, there is a solid value offered for free and with no need to enter your credit card, that in itself is the complete opposite of a scam. Proving beyond a reasonable doubt that members of Wealthy Affiliate are allowed to try out the platform for free. And in this day of the Internet that is so unlike so many programs. As stated Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter membership does not even require a credit card to be entered, and there is no time limit on your free access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. With that FREE Starter Membership, you get access to the free training modules and you can even create 2 completely free websites for as long as Wealthy Affiliate is in existence, and with an over 10-year history and have helped over 1 Million budding entrepreneurs they are surely not folding up and going away anytime soon.

So that being said, there is your answer in a nutshell, is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam, well not in my humble opinion, nor by definition of the word, but only you can decide for yourself, but the only way you would ever be able to make that decision would be to take it for a test drive and kick the tires and watch your very own internet marketing business blast off.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Carl A. Welliver, PhD

As I stated earlier on if you have further questions, or simply desire to leave a comment about this post please feel free to do so below, and I will reply (usually within 1 business day). Comments are not immediately visible to the readership as all comments require the approval of the site’s moderator, this step is necessary in order to prevent spam or robot generated comments promoting other products or services


One More Little Note: This page is simply the comments of the author (Dr. Carl Welliver) and not meant to compare Wealthy Affiliate with other similar programs. As I have no authoritative information on other such programs comments asking me to make such comparisons will not be approved.  Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation for my readers simply for the reasons mentioned on this page. Thank you for your understanding.

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