Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

There is so much to learn for the newbie Internet marketer. And when I say that I am speaking from experience. Being relatively new to the field myself.

Now don’t misunderstand, I have had my friends talk me into getting in their downline on more than one occasion, and always to the same end result. I didn’t make jack squat! and eventually ended up walking away with my head hung low as I felt as though I had not only disappointed myself but also disappointed the person that had invited me in.

But those days are over, I no longer feel bad that I didn’t effectively promote the programs that my “friends” introduced me to. Why do I feel that way, not because I was uneducated in the programs, and left to make my own way by my “friends”. Not because the programs were of any real value to anyone that I might present them to. No, neither of those reasons play a role in my feelings today.

I have now come across a program that contains real value added for myself personally and anyone that I might introduce to it. I actually feel good about talking to people about it, because I fully understand that the program has real value added. It allows people to get in for FREE without even showing your credit card information as a person that came into this program blind my eyes are now wide open, and I see the huge benefits the program has to offer.

The extensive training that has held my hand along the way, leading me from complete ignorance to my first sale. Now when I say ignorance I, of course, mean in the world of Internet marketing as I have been in selling my whole life, but there surely is a difference between seeing a client or prospect face to face as opposed to developing a virtual relationship. When you are face to face with someone you can build instant rapport, an ability that I was blessed with at a very young age, but in my older life I am now forced to learn new things and new ways of doing things, and that is where I came across this program. You see I found myself in a bit of a pickle you might say. My wife and I were a two income family living like most other people today paycheck to paycheck. Well, what a big surprise and shock it was to me when we found that she would be out of work for an extended period of time for a medical condition. That wasn’t bad enough, going from two paychecks to one, but then she was wrongfully terminated by her employer after one of her doctors opened a workmen’s compensation claim for an injury that she had suffered on the job.

Well, I had to scramble, and scramble quickly as we missed our first mortgage payment ever! We were just hard working folk that paid our bills for the most part on time, but much to my chagrin there was just too much month and not enough money as we were faced with her employer’s total disregard for her, for her injury, and even for the law that is supposed to protect people from such wrongful terminations.  The problem with that is in order to benefit from that situation you have to sue the company for the wrongful termination. Now honestly I could write a book on that subject alone. But that isn’t the purpose of this post.  The purpose of this post is to address marketing on a shoestring budget.

So I scoured the Internet and eventually came across a program that would allow me to join for free, and they weren’t even asking for my credit card information, now that is a good thing because they shut off my credit card. I stayed on as a FREE MEMBER as I studied the program and began putting together my very first WordPress Blog prior to this point, of course, having been a person that had always used design programs to create my sites and not the least bit familiar with WordPress, and honestly somewhat intimidated by it, but I created the site (this one here at ) in less than 10 minutes, and I was able to start the blog FREE of CHARGE. Again a point that I considered crucial. So I went through the Getting Started Training and started the Affiliate BootCamp and that is where it started to really all come together for me. That is where I was exposed to how to improve the search engine rankings for my pages, how to drive traffic to my sites, and all without spending a fortune (which I surely did not have at that moment).

So by now, you might be asking yourself “Hey, what is this incredible program he is talking about?” Or “This sounds just like my story, and how can I get started on a shoestring budget too?” Well the answer is Wealthy Afffiliate

What I found when I got there was a community that is truly committed to success, and are willing to help you succeed as well. The Chat forum is buzzing 24 hours a day seven days a week with members helping other members. As far as the technical support, well that support is second to none that I have ever experienced, often my sometimes “stupid questions” at least after they helped me sort out whatever issue I was faced with seemed like stupid questions to me, yet they never made me to feel that they were.

Within the first week of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to bite the bullet and join at a Premium Level. So in order to be completely transparent in my post, yes I am an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, and I became one because it made complete sense to me. I have never looked back or regretted that decision, because the education that I have gotten so far, and will continue to get into the future as I work my way through the numerous resources has proven to be invaluable to me as I develop my affiliate marketing business.

If you decide to join me in the Wealthy Affiliate journey then know that I as well as many others within the community would welcome you with open arms. Why not check out my profile page and maybe even take a few minutes to visit my blog you will find that I am a pretty positive thinking type of guy, and love to help others.

If you have found this post to be interesting or even entertaining please feel free to post a comment below, I love to get feedback from my readers and always respond back.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside, Get Started TODAY

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