Picking the Perfect Niche (Part One of Two)

So if you have made it to this post you have most likely decided to start an online business. So, Congratulations, that’s a big first step towards achieving your own personal financial freedom. As an Internet entrepreneur, and Affiliate Marketer you can escape the drudgery of the rat race and make your own destiny, bringing in a high income (once you have taken the time to build and market your sites) while enjoying a flexible schedule and ideal work/life balance. But it is, however, going to take some work on your part. No program can guarantee your success if you are not willing to put forward the effort to succeed.

Of course, you don’t need to go at this alone. There is a wealth of information available online that will help you get rolling and start building your perfect niche. One such resource is that of Wealthy Affiliate, a community of successful online marketing professionals that work together teaching both new and old marketers the secrets to online marketing success.

One of your very first steps to becoming a successful Internet entrepreneur with a profitable online business is to pick a niche, and that is the focus of this two-part series on picking the perfect niche for your online business and running a successful online business.

So as we get into that discussion today let me first define for you what a niche really is, a niche is the industry that you will be in and the types of products or services that you will sell; in essence, it’s what you choose to specialize in. And you will become somewhat of an expert in that niche.

An example of a couple of niches, Anthony “Tony” Robbins is at the top of the personal development niche, if you have ever seen one of his infomercials on late night TV, or attended one of his programs you know exactly what I mean by that. As a matter of fact I have been a big fan of his work for years, and my kids grew up hearing his recordings in the car and around the house, I never knew though that my daughter and son were impressed by his work until one day my now adult daughter said to me, “I would love to see him in person, he is so awesome.” Well, Tony made his first public appearance here in Boston in over 11 years earlier this month and I brought both my son and daughter to see him. And in true Tony Robbins style, he did not disappoint. That was a day that we will all remember for a long long time. The late great Zig Ziglar who many folks credit with being the Granddaddy of the motivational workshop or seminars pretty much dominated that niche throughout his life, and his son Tom still runs the company today. There are thousands and thousands of niches out there. So you need to figure out the niche or the area in which you want to work within.

The following is a list of 50 Niches (I will do another post with more in Part Two), now some of these might seem a bit off the wall but there are actually people looking for these things in the search engines, so don’t rule out anything:

50 Niche Ideas:

1.) Coconut Oil –

2.) Fitness

3.) Cancer Prevention –

4.) Weight Loss

5.) Anxiety/Panic Attacks

6.) Cardio Workouts

7.) Body Detox

8.) Carb Cycling

9.) Neuropathy Remedy

10.) Belly Dance

11.) Tattoo Removal

12.) Meditation

13.) Testosterone

14.) Pet Business

15.) Shoulder Pain Remedies

16.) Anti-Aging

17.) Back Pain

18.) Sleep Apnea

19.) Shingles Remedy

20.) Sciatica

21.) Tonsil Stones

22.) Polycystic Syndrom

23.) Sugar Detox

24.) Arthritis

25.) Healthy Prostate

26.) Energy Diet

27.) Alkaline Diet

28.) Babies & Toddlers

29.) Liver Health

30.) Kidney Health

31.) Teeth Whitening

32.) Gluten Free Diet

33.) Gout Remedy

34.) Quit Smoking

35.) Pregnancy

36.) Wart Removal

37.) Carpal Tunnel

38.) Yoga

39.) Acne/Skin Care

40.) Asthma

41.) Body Building

42.) Acid Reflux

43.) Jewelry Making

44.) Build a PLR Business

45.) Kindle Publishing

46.) Video Marketing

47.) Make Money Jobs

48.) Jobs Search

49.) SEO Tips

50.) Online Traffic


the list is endless and we could go on and on (and as I promised earlier on I will do just that in Part Two of Picking the Perfect Niche), but I am pretty sure that you are getting the picture.

Of course, not all of the niches out there make for a profitable online business. And as I said some of them may seem a bit odd, or may not appeal to you. But in this post, it is my intention to help you to narrow down and focus on choosing your first niche and beginning to build your very own online marketing empire. So what are we waiting for, let’s get to work? But please do yourself a favor, pick something that can be profitable for you and that you can become passionate about, that way work is fun and doesn’t seem so much like work.

Don’t Be A Wandering Generality, Become a Meaningful Specific

There are of course numerous reasons that one must pick a niche to work within and doing so has a lot of benefits. A specific niche allows you to remain focused on one area, allows you to concentrate your efforts in that one direction. As you develop your niche you will become in tune with what appeals to your prospects in your target audience… You will also in time learn how to approach them with your marketing with the laser-focus so that they are more likely to buy the products or services that you are promoting. And after all, you are in this to make some money, but you must never lose sight of the fact that you are in a service business, and you must always be serving your customer with the best information on the products or services that you have chosen to affiliate with.

Along the way, you will build expert status, and when people see you as an expert in a particular field that will speed up the process of your prospects coming to know you, to like, and to trust you. That’s essential to them feeling comfortable before buying your recommendations.

A huge mistake that many a newbie makes is believing that offering a large variety of products, is the way to go. And although at first glance, that might make sense. If you have products and services that at least somebody in the marketplace is willing to buy… you can’t possibly go wrong, right?

Well, that thinking is sadly flawed and just Wrong and is so for the following reasons:

Amazon has DEEP POCKETS, and you most likely do not. The products that you have chosen to promote the more advertising you must do in order to bring buyers or for that matter even to make buyers aware of what it is that you are promoting. Not to mention how hard it would be for a single infopreneur to optimize your web pages for SEO.

But, when you are focusing on a specific niche, your start-up costs will be lower, and your path to success will be much quicker. The fewer products the lower the risk, if a particular niche does not work out for you, you can simply move on to the next niche with little lost.

Understand that when you focus on one niche, that doesn’t mean your business can’t grow, but grow it systematically.

Starting out small and then, implement and test your marketing strategy, and be always on the lookout for new profit centers to add to your products that are niche specific to promote in your new Affiliate Marketing Business. You of course once you have achieved expert status in your niche, and developed your site to be a resource of valuable information that leads your reader to make the decision to purchase the products or services that you are promoting, well then you are making some money, and money is always good. So now that you have mastered that why not move on and start the process over again? Pick another niche and begin developing that so that you can create multiple streams of passive income. Picking other niches and developing them will only lead to more sales and more profits.

The easiest way that I have personally found to get into this game of internet or affiliate marketing is to learn as much as you can about the whole concept, and an awesome resource to do that is to sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, and take advantage of the free training available to you there. Why not check it out? Making Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate

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So as I wrap up this first segment in this post picking the perfect niche, let me leave you with this encouraging thought. You can succeed in this business. It is not rocket science. Find someone who is doing what you want to do and simply follow their lead and success is just around the corner.

If you have found this post helpful, useful, or even entertaining please feel free to leave a comment below. As an author, your thoughts and ideas are always important to me, and I love to hear from my readers.

-Dr Carl



2 thoughts on “Picking the Perfect Niche (Part One of Two)

  1. The ideas are great for anyone who has ever been confronted by the question: what niche is right for me? And like you pointed out, there’s more than one–develop one and then do it again and again. I’ve checked out Wealthy Affiliate, by the way. There is so much good training and everyone is so helpful. Thanks!

    1. Judy, Thanks for checking out millionaire-marketing-yoda.com Yes the training at Wealthy Affiliate is truly second to none. I have been so blessed to have found it and begun my journey and learned so much along the way. Wishing you a good day, and ever a better tomorrow. -Dr. Carl

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