Picking the Perfect Niche (Part Two of Two)

So in Part one of Picking the Perfect Niche I promised to post another 50 perfect niches for you to consider as you begin your journey of building your online business. So let’s get right into the list so you can have more choices to help you to pick the perfect niche for your marketing efforts. Now, remember your niche is just an extension of your own personality and your passion. The more passionate you are about the niche the more likely you are to be successful in promoting it. So without further ado, let’s get to the continuation of our list of possible niches.


51.) Learning to Dance

52.) Digital Photography/Smartphone Photography

53.) Pencil Portrait/Drawing/Art

54.) Comedy and Jokes

55.) All About Magic

56.) Bass Guitar/Learn to play instruments

57.) Graphic Design

58.) Tattoo Designs

59.) Wood Working Projects

60.) Bike Repair

61.) Soap Making/Carving

62.) Model Train Enthusiast

63.) Knitting for Fun & Profit

64.) Landscaping

65.) Face Painting Ideas

66.) Healthy Organic Life

67.) Candle Making

68.) Beekeeping

69.) Wine Making/Beer Making

70.) Boat Plans/Boating

71.) Video Game Tester Jobs

72.) Scrapbooking

73.) Create Mobile Apps

74.) Car Racing/Vehicles/Motorcycles

75.) Elderly Care

76.) Christmas Gifts/Anything Christmas/Halloween/Valentines Day – These are seasonal ideas

77.) Camping & Hiking

78.) Parenting

79.) Self Defence

80.) Family Survival Plans

81.) Learn Sign Language

82.) Infertility

83.) Wedding Tips/Speeches/Plans

84.) Cooking/Baking

85.) Home Improvement

86.) Declutter/Organize Your Home

87.) Home Made Energy

88.) Solar Energy

89.) Cat Training/Dog Training

90.) Raising Parrots

91.) Learning Different Languages

92.) Schooling/Online Education

93.) Event Planning

94.) Online Dating

95.) Better Love Life

96.) Save your Marriage/Marriage Advice

97.) Self Improvement

98.) Time Management

99.) Overcoming Addictions

100.) Overcoming Shyness/Public Speaking

Now as I said in Part One some of these niches may seem a bit far-fetched to you, but if they made this list there are people out there online searching these terms, and proper use of the keywords to promote your niche will bring some of these searchers right to your site, and using your information to help them to make the right purchasing decision for them. When they buy a product that you are promoting from your link then you make money. So don’t rule out anything.

Success starts with an idea, which develops into a plan, followed up with action.

How to Pick Your Niche – Do Your Research 

Now by this point, you surely do understand why it is so important to pick a good niche. With that understanding now let us move on to the next logical step in the process of figuring out which niche is best suited for your interests and even the market demand for your particular niche. It all starts out with an idea.

The first step to narrow down your list is to grab a pad of paper and a pen to make a list of possible ideas for your business. Don’t overthink this process, go crazy here. The analyzing comes a bit later on. Most successful business people keep a journal, and if you don’t keep one currently this might be a great time to start. A Journal can be either online or a bound notebook (I personally use composition books that I buy at the Dollar Store) cheap enough and always have one within reach, after all, you never know when a great idea or motivation will hit you. The journal is a great place to keep all of your ideas in one place. Another great tool especially seeing that most people carry around a smartphone nowadays is the voice memo function that most phones have as a standard app.

The Brainstorming Process to the Perfect Niche

Some questions to ask yourself as you go through the process …

  • What niches are you yourself a customer of? Where do you get your information?
  • What are your most passionate about and what are you interested in?
  • What hobbies do you enjoy?
  • What would your dream business be?
  • Do you have any previous work or life experience that you could potentially turn into a profitable niche/business?

As you go through the process you want to as I said write down anything and everything that comes to mind. Nothing is off limits. We will narrow down that list in just a bit.

Pick Five Top Niches From Your List

The first step in narrowing down your list is to pick your top five niches. Your personal passions should be your focus at this point, what would most enjoy working on in your new online venture. You should really pick something that you personally enjoy because you are going to be devoting hours and hours of your time, pouring your heart and soul into this new online venture of yours. So pick a topic that you are passionate about and then work seems more like fun than work. If you don’t enjoy the topic… then the odds of you being motivated to work hard and become successful are slim to none. Desire equals motivation, and motivation leads to success…


Research the Profit Potential of Your Niche Market

Now that you have your top five niches picked from your list it’s time to look at them closely and figure out just what the profit potential is for each one. Most of this research can, of course, be done online. Researching keywords and searches will be every helpful in this research. We have a great tool here at Wealthy Affiliate that will allow you to do your keyword research. This research is critical to determining how many people are searching for particular niches and the keywords that you would focus on in order to maximize your search engine ratings in engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo as well as other favorites. You can get more information about the Keyword Research tools available at Wealthy Affiliate by signing up for a FREE Account Today.

Making Money Online the Wealthy Affiliate Way


So Now It’s Time to Pick Your Niche

In order to narrow down your choices from the final five to your number one choice, you need to determine what the profit potential would be for each one of your five choices. Now of course money is not the only factor in picking your niche, but it needs to be a concern after all you don’t want to devote your efforts to something that you cannot monetize. So in order to help illustrate these steps, I’m going to walk with you through the process myself using the niche of Wealthy Affiliate as an example.


1.  Do a Google search for keywords that are related to your niche. It is important that you search for both broad topics of the niche, as well as the more specific aspects of that niche you are researching.

In our Wealthy Affiliate example, you could search for “wealthy affiliate,” but also “wealthy affiliate reviews,” “wealthy affiliate scam,” and “wealthy affiliate university” You’re looking search results. The results will lead you to websites that are dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate, articles and blog posts that have been written about Wealthy Affiliate, and, of course, other online businesses that are promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Do not be afraid of competition, as competition is a good thing – that competition means there is a market interested and ready to buy what you are promoting. If you don’t find many results for your topic, there probably aren’t many potential customers online looking for that product or service.

2.  Do a keyword search. There are several services out there. I, of course, prefer the two that are specifically tied to Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy and the Keyword Tool. Of course, others will encourage you to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner which is free although in order to use it you do need to sign up for AdWords if you haven’t already done so. No matter which service you use you want to search your keywords and determine the number of searches and the competition (QSR).

So our first keyword to search on Google is “wealthy affiliate” it returned About 9,010,000 results (0.40 seconds) now that is a whole lot of results, and that is good. The second keyword is “wealthy affiliate reviews” returning about 623,000 results (0.65 seconds), once again extremely respectable. The third keyword for our example is “wealthy affiliate scam,” returning about 759,000 results (0.63 seconds) once again not too shabby. The fourth keyword we will use in this example is “wealthy affiliate university” which returned about 472,000 results (0.93 seconds). All of these words are showing true potential for the Wealthy Affiliate niche and these numbers would indicate that there is an audience for this niche. That is the reason that I joined myself after doing my own research, a necessary step that you must complete for yourself before making any decision.

Why Not Check Out Amazon? 

Amazon being one of the largest if not the largest online retailer is a great research tool also. While scouring around Amazon if your particular niche is more product specific (although it does not necessarily involve our Wealthy Affiliate example although as I went onto Amazon.com and plugged Wealthy Affiliate in the search bar remarkably enough it did come up with a few results directly related to Wealthy Affiliate. Now as an author that got me to thinking, I might just write an e-book about the Wealthy Affiliate Experience and publish it. Look for that project coming up soon. I think it is a worthy project for me to undertake as my next book.

Lastly, in order to promote products on your blog or your website, there are a couple of great resources for sourcing informational products Clickbank.com JVZoo.com just to name a few. Finding ready-made products to promote in your niche makes your life a whole lot easier, and believe me, there are products related to just about any niche that you can add on to your site to increase both your traffic and your profits. Get creative and you will succeed.

Promoting the products and services that are offered by others as an affiliate is a great way to build your online marketing empire and your internet business. Each click through by a reader to purchase a product or service that you are promoting as an affiliate means cash in your pocket. This will allow you to eventually create your own products to market.

Fear, not competition. Competition is good for business. If you don’t believe me ride down any street in any town where you will find a McDonald’s restaurant and there is sure to be a Wendy’s or a Burger King not too far away. Yes, competition is GOOD for business. The more people that are out there promoting a specific niche the better for you because that means that there are people out there buying what you are planning to sell. Your job is simply to get your readers to your blog or your site, and lead them with good content to the decision that buying from you is a good idea for them.


The Next Steps to Picking Your Online Niche 

This post has been loaded with plenty of information about picking your niche and choosing the best niche for you personally to promote. Although picking a niche can take a lot of effort. You will find that in the long run, it is well worth the effort. You, once you have picked your niche, have laid the foundation for a successful and profitable online business. Now the fun begins. Now it is time to launch that business by getting your products sorted out, and planning out your marketing strategy, and then beginning your marketing campaigns. Having a specific niche makes that process so much easier. and when you have identified your interests and strengths it then becomes easy to do your job which is simply to make your niche choice as profitable as possible.

Some Profitable Niches That Never Go Out of Style

There are of course certain niches that simply will never go out of style, there will always be consumers seeking more information in these areas:

  • Wealth and Money: Making Money Online through such programs as Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity to develop a niche, People often research Foreign Currency Exchange Markets (Forex), multi-level marketing, real estate investing and seminars, jobs / careers, or credit repair services.
  • Romance: Is always a hot topic, whether you are dealing with Online Dating, Finding or Attracting the Right Partner, Marriage Counseling, and Reconciliation, yes Romance will always be a hot market.
  • Health and Fitness: People are always looking for information on Diet and Weight Loss; Quitting Smoking, Eating Healthy; Workout Routines.

These are what are known as evergreen niches and they are always in demand because people are always looking for solutions to specific problems in their day-to-day lives. Your job as a blogger or affiliate marketer is to help your readers to solve those nagging problems.

It’s Time to Succeed the Wealthy Affiliate Way. Sign Up for FREE Today.

Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities Are Great Niches Where People Spend Money

We outlined how such evergreen niches can be developed like the health, finances, and romance and they are affiliate-friendly niches because they always touch our daily lives. But, you can also be extremely successful if you target popular hobbies. Those targets could be hobby oriented sports like golf, hunting, fishing, camping, or sailing.

Anything at all the people indulges themselves in by purchasing equipment, tools, and gear to better enjoy their passions. More often than not, they will find the money for training, accessories, “how-to” guides and other things that promise to help them with their activity of choice. You know that newest driver that claims it will add 20-25 yards to your drive is every golfer’s dream come true.

Final Thoughts

You can make your niche into a profitable affiliate marketing niches if you devote the time and effort to the project, combine that with your passion about the subject matter, and good old fashioned hard work. If you have done your research well and gone into a niche with a lot of demand and a lot of customers these elements when combined will most assuredly lead to your success. If you stick to hobbies and extracurricular activities that give immeasurable pleasure to people – upper-income people in particular. Finally as a last resort, and if you are willing to learn and think “outside the box”, look for the biggest payouts available and become the niche expert that draws in sales like a magnet!

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