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Dr. Carl A. Welliver, PhD

All of my books are available on  at my Author’s Page and most are available in both Kindle Format and Paperback Version except as indicated.

The 12 Universal Laws of Life Fulfillment and Success

Kindle $4.49     Paperback  $9.95

In this short book, we have covered the 12 Universal Laws of Life Fulfillment and Success. It is a good read for the person who desires to be more successful in any area of their life.

44 Lessons Every Kid Needs to Learn About Success… But, Will Never Learn in School

Kindle $4.99     Paperback  $12.99

It is never too early to begin to learn the principles and lessons of success, this is a guide to help parents to develop the attitude of success in their children.

2018 Motivational Success Diary & Day Planner

Available Only in Paperback   $12.95

This book serves as a Diary, a Day Planner, or a Journal and each day of the year has a new motivational success quote of the day to start off your day in a most positive way.

Success… Taking Your Life to the Next Level

Kindle $4.49     Paperback  $9.99

If you are serious about taking your life to the next level then this is the book for you.

The American Presidency A Country Divided…A Story of American Politics and the Electoral College

Kindle $5.49    Paperback $29.99

This book is a comprehensive study of the American Presidency and the Electoral College system that we use to elect our President. The Electoral College was conceived to give each and every state an equal voice in choosing our National Leaders. Learn about the few times in our history where a candidate won the popular vote and actually lost the General Election. From George Washington to Donald Trump.

What You Think…You Are! A Study of the Human Mind and the Law of Attraction.

Kindle  $4.49    Paperback  $9.99

You have the ability to change your life and get everything you desire. The Law of Attraction is REAL and it does work once you learn how to Master IT!



The Magical Power of Affirmations… Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Kindle   $3.99     Paperback   $14.95

This book is loaded with over 800 positive affirmations that will help the reader improve in many areas of their lives. It is also a guide to enable the reader to write their own positive affirmations suitable for their own needs.

What Parents and Teens NEED to Know BEFORE Choosing A Driving School

Kindle  $4.99     Paperback $7.95

Dr. Welliver has run STOP-N-GO Driving Academy in Stoneham and Tyngsboro Massachusetts since 2005 and has been teaching Driver Education for nearly 17 years. he will walk you through the INs and OUTs of making the best choice for your child’s driver education.