Running an Affiliate Marketing Business


There are 5 Steps to Successfully Running an Affiliate Marketing Program

Much has been written about launching an affiliate marketing business, as a matter of fact, most companies that do business online offer some type of affiliate program.And that is the reason that I have chosen to write this helpful post “Running an Affiliate Marketing Program”

Yes, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to build an online business. And if you already have an online business affiliate marketing is a great add on. One of the beautiful features of an affiliate marketing business is that you can start it quite simply and can do so without having your own website, your own blog, or your own products to promote.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online is by launching an affiliate marketing business (or adding affiliate marketing to your existing business). You can accomplish this and do so quite successfully just by following the few simple steps listed in this post, and the best part of all is it doesn’t take forever to set up either, as a matter of fact, you can be up in running in just a couple of hours.

You can follow our five steps listed below to help you get going, no matter what your market or niche the steps remain relatively consistent.

Choosing the Right Affiliate Network. 

Your choice of the product(s) or service(s) that you are planning on promoting on your blog is extremely important, and even more important than the choice of products is your choice of affiliate networks. I personally have had great success with both ClickBank, JVZoo and of course Amazon depending on what I am hoping to market.

So with that being said let’s take a look at the three of them and what they are best known for.


ClickBank is one of the oldest and most well-respected affiliate network company’s. It is a billion dollar company which specializes in the niche of the digital products an example of which would be e-books, software programs, and membership sites. Some of these include information in such areas as Arts & Entertainment, As Seen on TV, Business and Investing, Betting Systems, Computers and the Internet, Cooking Food and Wine, E-Business & E-Marketing, Education, Employment & Jobs, Fiction, Games, Green Products, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Languages, Mobile, Parenting & Families, Politics & Current Events, Reference, Self-Help, Software & Services, Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs, Sports, and Travel.

So as you can see the folks as ClickBank have a massive resource of products that you can promote.

So with that being said, if you are comfortable selling information and don’t want the hassles of managing your own information products then this form of marketing might fit in with your desires. But the best part of all is that the commissions can range from 10% all the way to 75% and that ain’t chump change.

Individual entrepreneurs with great products are worth a look, although you want to do your research on them first, as some are here today and gone tomorrow.

Just know that there is Gold in them thar hills!

So now let’s move on!


JVZoo is not quite as big as ClickBank although I have found a few really good products to promote there and currently promote quite a few. As a matter of fact, all the graphics that I use here on my site (with the exception of company provided graphics are all designed by me in one of the JVZoo products that I promote e-cover authority







Click the Link Above or the graphic to the left to purchase this fantastic product






As a matter of fact here are just a few of the graphics that I have created with e-cover authority



I use the product to design blog graphics as well as book covers and that just touches the surface of what the product will do. They also have an add-on that allows you to design and sell your designs to others for their use by purchasing the Add On for the e-cover authority developer license. and watch your profits skyrocket. This can turn into a lucrative sideline for the motivated entrepreneur or even a full-time business on its own. Simply click on the text link above or the graphic below to get started now but know that in order to use the developers license you have to have first purchased the e-cover authority package.


Now to quote a good friend of mine Sunday Erickson, we are “Rolling on” the third affiliate program that I want to mention and would be remiss if I did not would be the Amazon Affiliate program.


Amazon Affiliate Program I bet you have heard of them – Right? Well Amazon also has an affilite program that you can promote. As one of if not the largest sources for goods and services in the world Amazon has a program that will share the pie with you as either an experienced or newbie affiliate marketer. That’s right with Amazon’s affiliate marketing you have access to promote just about anything that you would find on and if someone clicks on your link and buys something then you get a small commission on the sale, and if you can’t find something to promote on Amazon well I don’t know where you would.

The world is full of great programs that would allow you to promote their products or services, you just have to do the research and find the perfect match for you and your particular niche. After all you don’t want to be seen as a source for everything but just specific things that are relevant to your niche.


Ok so now we have covered a few programs that offer Affiliate Marketing opportunities let’s move on shall we?


Do Your Research and Choose Products That Are Niche Specific

I am sure that you understand the point by now that a sound product strategy is a must for new affiliate marketers. You should ideally have a niche in place at which you can make a bit of coin on, and preferably one that has numerous products to choose to promote. As this will give you a wide selection of products to offer to your readers, your online community. However, it is strongly recommended that you limit yourself to two or three products at a time, the reason I say that is so that you can become the expert that others turn to and trust when reaching for their wallet before making a purchase in your particular niche.

Marketing in any business is important, and knowing what is and is not working in your business will help you to better understand just how the real money is made in this business. Know what is and what is not selling, be constantly looking for new products coming on the market so you can promote them to your readers, as new products mean new profits. Review and test new products and know the ins and outs of them before you begin promoting.


Consider Using the Product Before You Go Promoting It.

As I stated in my comments about eCover Authority above, I use their products each and every day and have for quite some time now in the various book that I have written, on the blogs that I write, and that is what makes me feel confident in the product and its use. The Developer License of the product has allowed me to sell my created graphics to others for their use and allowed me to make a decent side business out of that alone. besides creating graphics is just fun for me.

Of course, as a new affiliate marketer, you are not obligated to purchase every product you want to promote. And the cost of doing so could be expensive.  However, it goes without saying that actually owning and using the products is a huge factor when it comes down to establishing credibility and trust. Showing your readers an intimate knowledge of the product can mean the difference between making the sale and having prospects move on to another site for their recommendations.

One thing that you would want to become proficient at is writing product reviews, these reviews are an excellent way to establish your reputation and enhance your credibility as an affiliate marketer. The review writing process is especially easy with information products like e-books which are relatively inexpensive. And after establishing some steady income it may even be worth buying a few of the higher-end products (that usually pay out higher commissions) provided that you can get in touch with the product creator to work out a strategic marketing plan that takes you to the next level and helps you move more of their product.

So let me just reiterate once more, If you are actually using the product and are pleased with the results you are getting (the benefits that you receive form doing so) then sharing a review or personal case study or your experiences can be one of the most effective ways of selling that products to your readers.

As you build your list of email subscribers and buyers as well as establish your expertise and your reputation, merchants may even offer you “free” samples of e-books or other products for your review. As a matter of fact, in many cases the merchants will be happy to offer you a free copy / sample of the product to evaluate even if you don’t have an established business — and that being said, it never hurts to ask!


Using Social Media to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Ever heard of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and there are other social media marketing methods which are great tools for a “word of mouth” or viral marketing campaign. Video marketing, in particular, is a great way to demonstrate your expertise via commentary that you might offer, screenshots, and even live demonstrations of you using the products. Each and every one of those techniques especially when you are using one or more simultaneously can bring your business to the next level and quickly.

Now, of course, we all want free traffic to our sites and that is achievable using the social media mentioned, but all of these networks also offer relatively inexpensive means to use their paid marketing service to reach your targeted audience and drive that traffic back to your site or your affiliate offers. It can be done and at minimal cost.


That Big Old Bulky Link is History

The term “Cloaking” or using anchor links was a controversial issue within the internet marketing circles,  some affiliate marketers were swearing by it and others felt it completely unnecessary. Now with that being said the schools of thought are this:

The old long and ugly affiliate tracking links are a straight giveaway to people that you want to sell them a product, and that may make some of your readers uncomfortable clicking those link, but  making your link shorter and “nicer” looking will it give a more professional appearance and less likely to scare away the reader. One of my favorite plugins for making links look “pretty” is the Pretty Links WordPress plugin. Although I personally tend to simply type in a short word or phrase and then attach a link to that.


It is my desire that you have found this post to be beneficial, and if so why not take a second or two to leave some feedback below in the comments section? I would love to hear from you.

Until next time….

Love and Prosperity to All.

Dr. Carl

6 thoughts on “Running an Affiliate Marketing Business

  1. Nice stuff. I liked the e-cover authority information. I think I will have a good look at that because the selling images seemed to jump out at me. I would like to go deep into detail on it. Thanks.

    1. Ronnie first and foremost thanks for stopping by and checking out the site. Yes, the e-cover authority is an awesome resource and I truly do use it each and every day and I do sell the graphics to others and the resources there are only limited by your own creative imagination. Check it out I am quite sure that you will find it useful. As a matter of fact if you submit a concept to me I will design one graphic for you to use in your own promotion.

      -Dr Carl

  2. I like your ideas here. I have been running an affiliate marketing website for over a year now and can agree that Amazon associates is a great affiliate program. It’s probably the best one for newbies too since every man and his dog knows and trusts Amazon, as they are the biggest online store right now. Awesome article, can’t wait to check out the rest of these affiliate networks 🙂

    1. Thanks for chiming in Brandon, and yes for the newbie affiliate marketer Amazon is probably the best place to start. Not to mention the millions it seems products that they offer to promote.

  3. Very informative blog. I’m into affiliate marketing as well and I appreciate your advice to use the product that you’re promoting yourself. The temptation is to stuff your site with a bunch of products in hope of getting sales from a few of them. Google hates this. Your site becomes spammie. So, promote only the products you are using – reduces the spam feel of a site.

    All the best to you,

    1. Thanks for chiming in Don, Yes, I am a firm believer in promoting only things that I use as a rule, but will from time to time making an exception if the product is from a source that I am familiar with like the guy that has the e-Cover Authority, which is an awesome product that I have been able to make some money off not just by promoting, but also by selling some of the graphics I create for others.

      Much appreciated and enjoy the day.
      Dr Carl

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