Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review

Welcome to my first review here at Millionaire-Marketing-Yoda.com. This is, in my opinion, one of the best FREE affiliate programs out there. It also is one of the best paying affiliate programs that require no initial investment on the part of the member. I was so impressed with this company that I signed up myself as a premium member, after going through the free Starter Membership of course because before I put my money on the line I wanted to make sure that it was a good fit for me. So if you are new to this whole process of affilaite online marketing thing then this is the place to be and is one of the best free affiliate programs online and for beginners and it even comes with free affiliate website to get you started. So without further ado let’s get to the review.




Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review 
Overall Ranking:
FREE Starter Membership (need not ever upgraded and NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED to get started (Join Here)

Free Membership includes your first two websites hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix just to get you started.

Now for the serious-minded, there is, of course, a Premium Level of Membership (but you can stay for free as long as you want, as a matter of fact, you never have to upgrade. But just in case here is the information if you just can’t wait.

PREMIUM Membership Available for $49.00 per month or $359.00 per year a nearly 40% savings by joining by the year (Join Here)  

There are tons of more resources available to the premium members of course but you surely can get started, up and running, and even making money with the FREE Starter Membership. So why not at least give it a try, what do you have to lose? Except if you don’t make a decision TODAY then tomorrow you will simply be another day older, and no further ahead than you were today.

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com


Wealthy Affiliate is a community that is unique in the respect that it is made up of people with similar interests in marketing their products or services online. The owners Kyle and Carson are very active within the community, and so are the members themselves.  I have found the learning resources to be extremely valuable as they walk you through the step by step of building your online empire.  I will warn you however that the amount of information at first can seem to be intimidating to a newbie. But if you simply take your time and go through the steps, you will soon be on your way to making money online.


You can also check out my personal member blog at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link ——> Carl’s Blog I always have something insightful to say.


The pros are far too many to mention in a single post, and I honestly have not come across a con yet on this platform. It is, in my opinion, the Land of Opportunity for someone desiring to learn about Internet and Affiliate Marketing.


Wealthy Affiliate is for both the newbie to the game of Internet and Affiliate Marketing as well as the seasoned professional. When I first got involved my knowledge was NONE and today just a few short weeks later I feel more confident in my abilities than I ever have in any of the other programs I have tried online.


The site is loaded with all sorts of training and resources that will help you along the way whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, after all, technology and techniques to market online are constantly changing. So Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you can find the most up to date information from people who are successfully working in the world of online and affiliate marketing.

There are two courses that I highly recommend as you begin your FREE MEMBERSHIP. The first of course is the Getting Started or the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program where you will become familiar with some of the basics like:

Getting Rolling

Understanding How to Make Money Online

Choosing Your Specific Niche

Building Your First VERY OWN Website

Setting Up Your Website for Maximum Exposure on the World Wide Web

Preparing Your Site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Picking the Best Content Ideas for Your Site and Keywords

Understanding Web Site Pages and Getting Your First Three Up and Running

Creating and Writing Quality Website Content

and that is just the beginning of what is available within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

The second course that I truly recommend to anyone who is looking to make their mark on the world through Internet or Affiliate Marketing is the Affiliate Bootcamp, wherein just the first section alone you will go through:

Getting Rolling, Starting Your Jurney to Success

Securing Your Domain and Beginning Your Website

Organizing Your Site for Success

Creating a User-Friendly Site

Writing Themed Content for Your Site

Setting Up Your Site for Comments and Reviews

Adding Reviews to Your Site

Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Content on Your Own Site

Building On a Solid Foundation

and that is just the first of seven courses in the Bootcamp.


The support within the community at Wealthy Affiliate is in my humble opinion second to none that I have ever experienced. Whether it is a technical question that you have asked of the Tech Support people or just a simple question that you ask in the 24-7 live chat, and believe me I have been on that live chat myself at all hours of the day and night, and there is always a member that can help you out, why? because they have been where you are, and they all had to ask someone something at one time or another. Not to mention that Kyle (one of the site owners) will follow you along the way through your journey, give you some encouragement, and yes even take you to task I would imagine because it is his desire for you to succeed as well.


As I stated earlier on but bears repeating here just so you understand that joining Wealthy Affiliate will not break the bank. As a matter of fact, I would strongly suggest that you start off by taking advantage of the free offer, and getting your feet wet before you decide whether this opportunity is completely right for you.

FREE Starter Membership (need not ever upgraded and NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED to get started (Join Here)

PREMIUM Membership Available for $49.00 per month or $359.00 per year a nearly 40% savings by joining by the year (Join Here)  

So this is what you get in both the free and premium programs within Wealthy Affiliate




Any program is only as good as the effort that you put into it. If you have searched long and hard for a legitimate opportunity online then you have come to the right place. Wealthy Affiliate is the program for you. But realize that to get the best results that you have to put in the effort, nothing in life is free. But you can succeed and you will succeed if you simply follow along with your training and execute the lessons, success is just around the corner.

Begin Your Journey Today for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate


As always if you have found this review to be helpful please leave a comment below. I love to hear from my readers.


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  1. Thank You for this information on Wealthy Affiliates.

    This looks like something just about anybody can do as long as they are willing to do the work!

    1. It truly is but as you mentioned it does require a bit of work on the part of the member, after all nothing in life is truly free, although the Starter Membership is FREE but having the membership and never doing anything with it has costs associated with it.

    1. David, thanks for stopping by and checking out millionaire-marketing-yoda.com

      We appreciate the feedback and look forward to you visiting again.

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