Wealthy Affiliate University Scam

Welcome to my comments on the Wealthy Affiliate University Scam.

Well, here I am just about 4 months into my life changing journey here at Wealthy Affiliate. So far I have learned so much and you can too. I have so often heard that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but if I can learn there then so can you.

Wealthy Affiliate a.k.a. Wealthy Affiliate University is just loaded with top notch training and the newbie internet affiliate marketer like myself and I have already done a Review about Wealthy Affiliate so you might want to also check that out if you have not done so yet.

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate University is not an accredited school of higher learning and by that definition, I guess that some might and can consider it a Scam, But having walked through the hallowed halls of a few institutions in my life, I can honestly say that nothing that I learned during the formal education I have attained in my life had taught me as much about the skills I desire to achieve now in my life and in this new found career as what I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate University in just a few short weeks.

Each and every day as I go through more and more of the training I learn more and more about the exciting world of internet affiliate marketing.

And the best part of all is that when I first joined I was able to join as a FREE MEMBER as you can too simply by clicking below.

Of course, you might ask what can I expect from a free membership and that would be a legitimate question as I had asked it myself when I first joined, so let’s take a look at the comparison between the FREE and the PREMIUM membership levels.

But as you can see the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have surely put Their Money where the Mouth is by offering you the opportunity to test the waters, and if you want you can choose to stay FREE for LIFE, although as you can see the added benefits of going premium far outweigh the Starter pack. But one of the things that impressed me so much, in the beginning, was that I a person that had never been exposed to WordPress (and up till that time had always written my previous sites in HTML code) was able to literally set up my first site in less than 30 seconds. And as I said if I could do it, then so could you.

I have always been somewhat of a creative soul and love to watch my creations come into focus, and then develop them as I go along. And yes my first website here was designed as a Site Rubix free site and then when I upgraded to the premium member I easily updated it to my own domain name.

The site here at millionaire-marketing-yoda started out as a single page and continues to evolve into what you see before you today.

I hope of course that this post has given you a better understanding of exactly why Wealthy Affiliate University is not a Scam.

Why not leave a comment below with any questions that you might have and I will be back to you as soon as possible with an answer.


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